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About Kastle Hill

I'm Monika Rauch, owner of Kastle Hill. Growing up in the wine country of Southwest Germany, I would spend many sun-drenched days hiking through fragrant vineyards and lushly forested hills, topped with castles. Germany has a long history of wine making, going back to ancient times. But it was the Romans who greatly expanded viticulture in Germany. And today, Germany has over 240 different grape varietals. While many may think of Rieslings, there are actually incredible, deep red wines to be found. That's where I come in: A few years ago, I would bring wine back from my travels to the Baden and Pfalz Regions in Germany, near the Alsace, in France. Friends were amazed at the structure and complexity of these full-flavored delights and they clamored for more. And so, Kastle Hill Select German Wine Import was born and now I have more than 60 amazing wines, each selected from wine makers I know, personally. Every year, I return to Germany, where I was born, to walk the vineyards again and sample the new vintages, bringing only the finest wines home to my friends and customers.